Interpreter Education

In Oregon, there are two interpreter training/preparation programs for American Sign Language Interpreters. There are also many other options across the United States and Canada.

Western Oregon University

American Sign Language- English Interpreting Program
345 Monmouth Ave. N. Monmouth OR 97361

Phone: 503-838-8322

Portland Community College

Sign Language Interpretation Program Sylvania Campus

Phone: 971-722-4672 (V)

Videophone: 503-928-5867 (VP)

Fax: 971-722-4874


Interpreter Training Programs by State

There are a number of interpreter training programs around the United States and Canada. Currently, the only way to access all of them is to do a state-by-state search on RID’s website. This takes hours and the site is often out of date. Some new programs have been added, and others have gone away. The following document is CURRENT with contact names and emails of all the programs I know of in the United States and Canada. Feel free to download it or share it. Re-posts are also just fine. Disclaimer: I make no warranties as to how long this information will remain current. You will notice there are a few blanks where I absolutely couldn’t find contact information but was able to verify that a program still existed at that institution. If you have updates you know of, please feel free to email me and I will make changes to the document.

Please help me keep this list of interpreter training programs up to date by contributing to this Google Sheets Spreadsheet. Feel free to enter missing information or add programs and contacts that are not listed. Thanks for helping me develop this resource! The link to the editable document is below: