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Image Description: Tammy wearing black blazer and shirt with her hair up on the sides. Taken at Street Leverage Live! 2019 in Round Rock, TX by Deaf Services Unlimited (DSU)

Tammera J. Richards, BS, CI & CT; SC:L; NAD IV is a solo practitioner providing sign language interpretation services. Ms. Richards does business as NW ASL Associates, Inc. If you are interested in contacting Ms. Richards directly for services or recommendations, please feel free to contact her via one of the methods listed below.

Phone: (503) 567-4463 v/text Email: tjrichards1@msn.com Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

If you are looking for sign language interpreter referral services, please click on the menu item titled “Interpreter Referral Options,” above, in order to locate an interpreter referral service to coordinate interpreters for you.

Interpreting Services

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