TypeWell Transcription Services:

Tammera Richards has added a new option to the array of services she provides:  TypeWell Transcription.

What is TypeWell?

TypeWell is a system for transcribing speech to text.  It is an effective learning tool for deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as those with visual, physical or learning difficulties.  

How does TypeWell Work?

The hearing transcriber uses a laptop computer with the TypeWell abbreviation software to transcribe meaning-for-meaning what is said in lectures and discussions.  The deaf person reads the transcript in real-time from a second computer.  He or she can also type questions and comments to the transcriber to be voiced, and can take notes right in the TypeWell program on the second computer. 

What does Meaning-for-Meaning really mean?

A meaning-for-meaning transcript condenses the language used while maintaining the full meaning intended by the speaker.  TypeWell meaning-for-meaning transcribers are trained to capture all spoken content in class communication access, including jokes, off-the-point comments, behavioral control, etc., but to omit false starts, repetitions and other non-meaningful speech.  A TypeWell meaning-for-meaning transcript would also include mention of pertinent sounds, such as laughter or noise that disrupts the class or is noted by a speaker.  Because meaning-for-meaning transcripts express the speaker's intended message, but do so in fewer words, it is similar to what many sign language interpreters do.  Thus, meaning-for-meaning services are also known as text-interpreting systems

For more information about TypeWell in general, go to: http://www.typewell.com/contact.html

To contact Tammera Richards about TypeWell services, e-mail: tjrichards1@msn.com

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