SCOPE OF WORK: This document constitutes the terms of services agreement for provision of sign language interpreting/transcribing services by _________________________________________________ sign language interpreter. 

RATES OF PAY:  Unless otherwise negotiated in advance, the regular daily rate of payment from 8 AM-5 PM M-F will consist of a $________ initial fee and then $_________per hour billable in __________ hour increments thereafter.

Unless otherwise negotiated in advance, the after hours’ 5 PM-8 AM M-F and 24 hours' rate Saturday and Sunday will consist of a $________ initial fee and then $__________ per hour billable in ____ hour increments thereafter. 

Unless otherwise negotiated in advance, legal interpreting assignments will consist of a $______ initial fee and then $______ per hour billable in _______ hour increments thereafter.  ANY legal assignments, regardless of length, that will include deaf witness testimony will require a team interpreter to ensure accuracy of the record.

TEAM INTERPRETNG/TRANSCRIBING POLICY:  A team interpreter/transcriber will be provided for any job assignment that is over 1.5 hours or more in length unless otherwise negotiated in advance.  The interpreter/transcriber reserves the right to negotiate a team interpreter/transcriber for assignments less than 1.5 hours in length should an individual job warrant a team.  Should a team of two interpreters/transcribers have been expected and/or warranted and is not provided, contractor reserves the right to either charge double for work performed or work half the scheduled time without the requisite team in order to prevent injury from occurring, whichever works best to the benefit of both contracting parties.

TRAVEL TIME: Travel that is more than ____ hour in length round-trip, will be billed at _______ the interpreter’s hourly rate per hour of travel unless otherwise negotiated. Mileage will always be billable at the currently approved federal rate of $.___per mile.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Unless otherwise negotiated in advance, required notice for cancellation of interpretation/transcription services are as follows:


     1-2 hours     48 weekday hours' notice.

     3-5 hours     72 weekday hours' notice.

     6-8 hours     96 weekday hours' notice.


Cancellation policy for multiple day assignments will be negotiated on a per assignment basis. Weekday hours are defined as 24 hours Monday through Friday. Should cancellation of assignment not fall within these deadlines, the time booked will be billed for in full.


All invoices are due no later than _____ days from the date of invoice.  If an invoice remains outstanding more than ______ days past the date of the invoice then an additional invoice will be submitted with a $________ late fee; for each additional _______ days the invoice remains outstanding, an additional $______ late fee will be incurred.



____________________________________________________________________________________ is an independent contractor and meets the following criteria for independent contractor status as defined by the IRS:

R            ONLY works pursuant to written contracts.

R            Works in more than three locations in a calendar year.

R            Has a telephone and/or office listing that is separate from one's residence.

R            Purchases advertising or business cards promoting one's business.


All payments will be made payable to: ___________________________________.  EIN/SSN: ___________________

___________________________________                              ______________________________________

Your Name Here                                                                              Contracting Entity


I agree to contract for sign language interpretation services with _______________________________ under the outlined terms of service.  I understand that this agreement constitutes the full agreement under which both the service provider and requester are bound.  This agreement may be terminated by either party with written thirty (30) day notice to the other party informing the other of intent to sever the contract.

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Service Requester


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