Certifications for Certified Interpreters:

EIPA - The Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment

As of the Fall 2006, RID began to recognize individuals who passed the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) written and performance tests at the level of 4.0 or higher as certified members of RID. Currently, more than 25 states recognize and/or require educational interpreters to be certified under the EIPA system.  EIPA testing will continue to be administered by Boys Town and will be monitored by RID to ensure a continued maintenance of validity and reliability. For more information about EIPA testing, go to http://www.classroominterpreting.org/EIPA/performance/index.asp.

Level 4: Advanced Intermediate
Demonstrates broad use of vocabulary with sign production that is generally correct. Demonstrates good strategies for conveying information when a specific sign is not in their vocabulary. Grammatical constructions are generally clear and consistent, but complex information may still pose occasional problems. Prosody is good, with appropriate facial expression most of the time. May still have difficulty with the use of facial expression in complex sentences and adverbial non-manual markers. Fluency may deteriorate when rate or complexity of communication increases. Uses space consistently most of the time, but complex constructions or extended use of discourse cohesion may still pose problems. Comprehension of most signed messages at a normal rate is good but translation may lack some complexity of the original message.

An individual at this level would be able to convey much of the classroom content but may have difficulty with complex topics or rapid turn-taking.

Level 5: Advanced
Demonstrates broad and fluent use of vocabulary, with a broad range of strategies for communicating new words and concepts. Sign production errors are minimal and never interfere with comprehension. Prosody is correct for grammatical, non-manual markers, and affective purposes. Complex grammatical constructions are typically not a problem. Comprehension of sign messages is very good, communicating all details of the original message. An individual at this level is capable of clearly and accurately conveying the majority of interactions within the classroom. (http://www.rid.org/UserFiles/File/pdfs/EIPA_FAQs.pdf)

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